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Throbbing, dull or pulling - toothache can drive you crazy. There are many possible causes for the discomfort.

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Sensitive teeth: Ouch - that hurts!

Around 40 percent of all adults are familiar with the problem of "sensitive teeth". Iced drinks, chocolate or even a cup of coffee particularly often trigger a real "ouch effect".

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Caries: The dreaded "hole in the tooth

Caries is one of the most common dental diseases and can occur as early as childhood. In common parlance, it is often referred to as "holes in the teeth".

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Gum inflammation: What is it?

Around 80 percent of Germans show signs of gingivitis. The good news is that if you act quickly, you can usually get the inflammation under control.

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Periodontal disease - the insidious danger

Periodontal disease is a widespread disease of the gums. In adults, it is the main cause of tooth loss, even before caries.

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Tartar: When plaque hardens

Tartar increases the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. If you know what matters when it comes to tartar removal and prevention, you can do a lot for your dental health.

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Receding gums - a common problem

It is normal for the gums to recede slightly with age. However, if there is pronounced gum recession, this can have unpleasant consequences.

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Plaque - what is it?

Plaque is the sticky deposit that continually forms on the surface of the teeth. If this "biofilm" is not removed regularly, there is a risk of tooth decay and gum problems.

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Tooth discoloration: Unattractive to look at

Nobody wants to have yellow teeth. And yet unsightly discoloration caused by coffee, tea & co. is widespread. Find out here what you should know about this and read what really helps.

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Bleeding gums

If you see "red" when brushing your teeth, you should not take it lightly. Because bleeding gums are always an alarm signal.

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Tongue coating & tongue cleaning

While brushing our teeth is a matter of course for us, tongue cleaning is usually woefully neglected in oral hygiene. Yet the tongue is home to many bacteria that can cause bad breath, gum problems and tooth decay.

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Bad breath: A sensitive topic

One in four peoples suffers from bad breath. It's a taboo subject that no one likes to talk about openly. But today there is effective help for bad breath.

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Enamel degradation: When acids leave their mark

Tooth enamel degradation is a widespread problem today, mainly due to the frequent consumption of acidic foods and beverages.

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Exposed necks of teeth can be painful

About a quarter of all adults are affected by exposed necks of teeth. Painful teeth are a typical consequence.